Services to forest owners

We help your forest to grow

To practice sustainable forestry, forest owners need to plan for the long term. Stora Enso offers comprehensive services for profitable and sustainable forest management. As one of the world’s largest private forest owners and global network, we are fully equipped to help and advise in different parts of your forest's life cycle, at the level you need.

We have expertise in all areas of forest management, from from planting new seedlings and forest regeneration to biodiversity management. We also help with planning your forest related finances, law and real estate issues. You have full control and can be confident that the right measures are implemented at the right time.

Contact your local forest professional to discuss more. 

Forest management

Forest management is a long-term commitment. Our forest professionals support you in keeping forests healthy for future generations.


Digital forest services

Our digital forest services and mobile applications keep you up to date on forest management and planning. 


Forest certification services

Forest certification is a sign of a sustainably managed forest, and ensures that the raw material used in wood-based products has been produced responsibly and sustainably. 

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Forest lifecycle

Forests are long-term commitments.

Birch forest

Forest growth

Growing trees in sustainably managed forests absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and act as carbon storage. 

Forest certification, biodiversity, a natural stream in nordic forest

Get your forest certified

We strongly recommend forest owners to certify their forests. We support you in the process.  

Stora Enso forest worker planting seedlings in a regeneration area.

We help your forest to grow

Our aim is to keep forests healthy for the generations to come.