Forest management

To practice sustainable forestry, forest owners need to plan for the long term. In boreal forests, trees have a long life cycle. Decisions made today will have lasting impact. This means investing for the benefit of future generations.

What goals do you have for your forest? What kind of forest do you want today, and when the next generation takes over? Make sure you have an updated forestry plan outlining and describing your forest assets, goals and forest management. 

Stora Enso offers comprehensive services for profitable and sustainable forest management. As one of the world’s largest forest owners, we are fully equipped to help and advise in all phases of your forest's life cycle, at the level you need. We have expertise in different areas  from planting to biodiversity management. We also work with other experts if you need help with planning your forest related finances, law and real estate issues. You have full control and can be confident that the right measures are implemented at the right time.

Contact us for sustainable forest management. Our local forest professionals are ready to help you!

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Digital forest plan in you pocket 24/7

We offer advanced digital services for forest owners, making forest management easier than ever before. Access your forestry data anytime, anywhere.

Digital forest services
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Make sure your forest is certified 

When a forest owner sells wood, the buyer checks that the forests are certified. Certified wood has a higher demand on the market. 

Forest certification services
Sell your certified wood to Stora Enso

Sell your wood

Our services for forest owners cover the entire forest life cycle. We buy certified wood for renewable, recyclable, and fossil free fiber-based materials are

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