Forest certification services

Forest certification is a sign of a sustainably managed forest, and ensures that the raw material used in wood-based products has been produced responsibly and sustainably. Forest certification shows consumers that economic, social and ecological sustainability has been considered throughout the production chain.

There are two forest certification systems in use in the Nordics: PEFC and FSC ®. Both forest certification systems ensure that forests are managed and used sustainably. The systems are similar, but the FSC requirements for protection and nature management are slightly stricter than those of PEFC.

From a forest owner’s point of view, the demand for uncertified wood is increasingly diminished, and the price paid for it is low. Forest certification increases the demand for wood and raises prices compared to non-certified wood. The most sought after on the market is FSC-certified wood, which yields an even higher demand than PEFC-certified wood. We recommend forest owners to get involved in both certification schemes to ensure the best demand for their forest assets.

Contact our local forest professionals to certify your forests!

Stora Enso Skog license number is FSC® (FSC-C020565)

98% of the lands we own or manage werecovered by forest certification schemes.
32% Private forest owners provide with 32% of the wood delivered to Stora Enso's customers and used in our products.