Our services for forest owners cover the entire forest life cycle. We help you with forest planning, certification, harvesting and regeneration. We support you in promoting forest biodiversity, forest growth and carbon sequestration. Forest management and silviculture work are among the most important climate actions that forest owners can do in their forests. The better a tree grows, the better it sequesters carbon. Talk to us to make sure that your forests are fit for the future! Please contact our local forest professionals to discuss sustainable forest management, and how to sell us your certified wood. 

Sweden: Stora Enso Skog 

  • Customer service: +046 1046-40 000 
  • Email: skog.info@storaenso.com 

Finland: Stora Enso Metsä

  • Customer service: +358 20 461 478 (Monday - Friday  7.30-16.30 EET)


  • Phone:  + 372 714 0000
  • Email: storaenso.eesti@storaenso.com


  • Phone: +371 29477339
  • Email: vilnis.freimanis@storaenso.com


  • Phone: + 370 315 56910
  • Email: rytis.kuliesis@storaenso.com
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"I have my forest for the children. It means a lot to me. It is a source of income as well as a lovely place to be." - forest owner, Sweden. 

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"Next, our idea is to apply for permanent forest protection for a spruce stand, whose Metso protection is coming to an end." -  forest owners, Finland.  

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"The overarching feeling is responsibility for the forest." - forest owner

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