Forest growth

Forest management and silviculture work are among the most important climate actions that can be made in forests. Growing trees in sustainably managed forests absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and act as carbon storage. The better trees grow, the better they sequester carbon. In 2020, Stora Enso invested 68 million euros in forest growth.

Well managed forests grow for future generations

Properly timed and implemented forest management measures increase the growth and vitality of the forest. When trees have enough heat, water, and growing space available, annual growth can be several millimeters; under poor conditions, growth may be virtually non-existent. Forest growth can be limited by delayed silviculture work. For example, if seedlings are not cleared in time, tree growth slows down. It is therefore important for forest owners to create beneficial conditions for tree growth. By managing forest density, tree length or trunk thickness can be stimulated depending on the intended use of the wood.

Seedlings and forest regeneration

Stora Enso plants millions of tree seedlings every year. In Sweden, seedlings for regeneration sites are delivered from Stora Enso's own nurseries. The nurseries follow best practices for forest breeding, seeking better volume growth, stem straightness, vigor, resistance and higher survival. The focus is on securing future timber quality and forest robustness. 

Forest lifecycle


Digital forest services