Forest safety

Safe working conditions in forests

Safe working conditions for our forest employees and contractors is at the heart of our work every day. Annually, our forest staff and contractors work in nearly 40,000 different workplaces, including harvesting sites, forest regeneration sites, mill terminals, inland terminals and offices. In every step, we consider our actions and their impact on others. Conducting our business safely and responsibly is a cornerstone in everything we do, and characterizes the daily forest work of all employees on all levels.


Planning is key

From the forest to the end product, we work diligently and with respect of local rules and regulations. Our ultimate goal in safety is zero accidents. All accidents can be avoided, and we can all influence the safety of our work with our own behavior. Our motto is "Everybody home safe, every day."


Visiting forest harvesting sites

Our forest staff and contractors are highly skilled and receive continuous training to stay compliant and updated on safety rules and protocols. We strive for world-class operational efficiency, and perform a risk assessment for the specific forest harvesting site before each operation starts. The harvesting area is always well marked with signs on access roads, with information of scope and times for the harvest, as well as contact details for the forest site manager if you need more information. Be vigilant when you visit forest harvesting areas, and follow any instructions. This will keep you safe in our forests.