Working with communities

As a global company operating worldwide, collaboration with local communities is crucial for our success. We need a living countryside for access to skilled workers, infrastructure and other services. The forest industry creates a lot of jobs and can have a positive impact for local communities. Stora Enso can offer training, education and support measures, always adapting our initiatives to local needs and interests.


Our forest operations' positive impact on rural areas is significant

The Forest division's wood supply and silviculture contractor network includes over 600 contractors in 6 countries around the Baltic Sea. The contractor network is responsible for carrying out the operations in the forest: forest work and logistics according to Stora Enso’s plans and supplier requirements. Many of the contractors employ local companies and entrepreneurs. Annually, our employees and contractors work on approximately 40 000 forest sites. 

Private forest owners are our key stakeholders in the Nordic countries, providing Stora Enso with a significant share of the wood supply. Annually, Stora Enso signs over 24 000 wood purchasing agreements with private forest owners mainly in Finland, Sweden, and the Baltic countries. In addition to wood purchases, we support private forest owners with professional forest management services, for example in forest planning, sustainable harvesting and forest regeneration.

40 000   forest working sites annually in Finland, Sweden & Baltics
24 000  wood purchasing agreements with forest owners annually