Forests aren’t simply a gathering of trees that can be used for renewable products. They are living ecosystems that are vital not only for our planet but also for people in many ways – for wellbeing, recreation, tourism, hunting and in many other ways. We at Stora Enso support initiatives and groups working with developing different values.

There are significant values in forests beyond the trees. This can be anything from setting up large-scale wind power plants or small-scale cattle farming, to traditional beekeeping and resin harvesting. Every forest is unique. In all forest development, we are mindful of local traditions and in ongoing dialog with stakeholders.

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Protecting biodiversity in Northern forests

Biodiversity management in Northern  commercial forests aims to preserve specific structural features throughout the forest lifecycle. 

Mosaic tree plantation

Protecting biodiversity in tree plantations 

Plantations are managed in local land-use context. Landscape typically consists of a mosaic of areas for both intensive wood production and biodiversity conservation. 


20 years of cooperation with WWF Russia

The total area of the certified forests of Stora Enso certification groups in Russia exceeds 1.3 million hectares.

Beekeeping in Uruguay

Environment benefits from beekeeping

The thriving bee populations in Montes del Plata help conserve local biodiversity around the eucalyptus plantations.