Forest certificates

Forest certification shows that the wood comes from a forest where forestry is economically, socially and ecologically sustainable. Biodiversity, as well as cultural and recreational values, are taken into account.

Forest certification is a good way to ensure that wood raw material comes from a forest that supports sustainable development. An external assessment party checks that the required criteria are met. If and when this is the case, the applicant receives a certificate. Today, only around 10% of the world's forests are certified. Stora Enso works hard on its sustainability goals, and as a result, 98% of forests owned or managed by us are certified today.

Transparency and collaboration

Forest certification is developed transparently and in cooperation with many stakeholders. For a forest owner, participation in the certification is voluntary. Forest certification can be implemented with the forest owner's own certificate or a group certificate. With a group certificate, the certification costs may be lower, and the protection of biodiversity is improved, as the requirements cover a larger area than just one forest holding.

Benefits for the entire value chain

When a forest owner sells wood, the buyer checks that the forests are certified. The entire supply chain can also apply for a certificate, so that the tree can be traced through the entire production chain. When a company is granted a chain of custody certificate, it can label the end products with a certificate. The label indicates that the product contains wood from a sustainably managed forest. Increasingly, wood purchasers opt out of buying wood that is not certified, and certified wood has a higher demand on the market, making it a benefit for the forest owner in addition to being a quality stamp for buyers and consumers.

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98% of the lands we own or manage were covered by forest certification schemes
69% the share of total forest area in North Europe covered by forest certification schemes (Source: Forest Europe 2020)