Tragosoma depsarium

The pine wood-living beetle Tragosoma depsarium

The rare and elusive pine wood-living beetle Tragosoma depsarium, is an endangered species that is dependent on dead pine wood. Having Tragosoma depsarium in your forest is a sign of a landscape where many pine-dependent species thrive. That’s why we take extra care of this beetle!

The Pine Wood-Living Beetle is a puzzle piece in the ecosystem. It is doing important work to help the breakdown of wood.

Small actions make a big difference

The lack of dead pine wood in sunny areas is the main threat to this beetle in Sweden. Stora Enso conducts active nature conservation work to benefit the species. By controlled burning, clearing young forest and ensuring that dead pine wood receives a lot of sunlight, we can recreate and maintain good habitats.
- This is an area where forestry can really take very positive measures for biodiversity, says Emiliano Zocca, Forest Ranger in Sweden. In this case, you do not have to wait for 100 years to see the effect of the measures. If we leave dead wood in the right positions and make sure sunlight can reach it, you can see good results already after 7-8 years. Of course, it will be most effective if we take the measures in areas where it is known that the insect already exists.